A kinky lifestyle deserves a kinky life coach...

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We all want to be happy. Some people are happy with a white picket fence, a wedding ring, 2.6 children, and a dog. Some of us like to venture outside the box. Gender? Undecided. Relationships? Complicated. Sexual Orientation? Flexible. Kinks? Aplenty!

So the more we explore the crevices of our kinks, the parties, the dates, the fetishes, the more complex we become. Mixing kink and 

daily life can be challenging. The games we play often expand past the dungeon and open up a world of questions (and sometimes doubts) about who we are, the nature of our games, and why do we love them so much.

***Is kink good for me? Do we just keep repeating the kink scripts or do we move beyond? What is the right path? How can we make sense of all the choices? How can I connect with others, when I’m so confused and complicated?  How can we fulfill our potential and make a difference for ourselves and each other? For our partner(s)? For the community?***

The answers are not out there. They are within each of us: in our kinks, our quirks, our fears, and our desires. But how to go within? KinkTuition Mentoring guides you from the ABC’s of kink, all the way to expanding your kink and sensual life into your personalized tool for self development: your kinktuition.  Let kink be your guide.