Kalyss Mercury

KinkTuition Founder & Head coach
BDSM Expert & Consultant ~ Tantric Domina

For over 20 years, Ms. Mercury has travelled the world sharing her dominant skills in private sessions, hosting fetish parties, workshops and demonstrations at events such as Sexpo (Australia) and Oslo Fetish Weekend (Norway). She is an advocate for sexual freedom/kink pride, is often invited to give interviews on TV shows, print/digital media and live performances sharing her expertise in BDSM and sexuality. A Princeton psychology graduate, Ms Mercury recently completed her masters research in the neuroscience of SM at the University of Oslo (2015). She regularly attends a variety of personal development courses, to expand her knowledge and skills within the areas of BDSM, Tantra and human sexuality. 

“Through all these years in the professional kink scene, my deepest inspiration is seeing my clients and students blossom from their kink exploration. Within Kinktuition lifestyle mentoring, D/s (Dominance & submission) dynamics help clients improve their lives in so many ways such as quitting smoking, losing weight and getting more inspiring careers. For couples, the coaching guides their kink exploration, their communication about taboo issues, helping them conquer challenges together, and foster a deeper connection. Kinktuition is a tool for holistic growth, empowering more people to play with their edge, exploring all the joys & lessons that BDSM can provide.”.  K. Mercury

For more info on Ms. Mercury, please refer to her Domina site: KalyssMercuy.com