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Kinktuition Mentoring

As we cannot look into our own eyes without a mirror, we also cannot find our inner core without an external reflection. KT mentoring provides a conscious kink mirror, a space where you can share and better understand your fetish desires and where you can show your shadow side without fear of judgement.

Whether you’re a kink newbie or BDSM veteran, your fetish desires can affect the rest of your life. Living the kink lifestyle can bring up multiple issues such as how to connect and form relationships, how to manage a secret lifestyle, or how to find clarity about the nature of our kinks. Many people feel isolated and guilty about their fetish desires simply because they have no one to talk to. And even when we are a part of the BDSM community, our friends will often only tell us what we want to hear… But does that actually solve our problems and helps us grow? 

With 20 years experience in the BDSM scene, two psychology centered degrees, and a vast array of private research on BDSM, Tantra and human sexuality, Kalyss Mercury offers a style of mentoring that goes beyond traditional psychotherapy. Using a variety of tools, including meditations, embodiment practices and sharing sessions, KinkTuition Mentoring guides clients to acknowledge their desires and resolve shame issues around sexuality & kink. If the client is ready and willing, their kinks can be used as tools to expand their awareness and to nurture the client’s higher potential.

KinkTuition Mentoring is available in person or via online video sessions.

Online Mentoring:

Introductory Video session: 90 mins € 190

Single video session (60mins): € 150

Quick Q&A: 30 mins € 100

Mentoring Session Pack – Light (3x 60mins):  € 390

Mentoring Session Pack – Deep (3x 90mins):  € 550


In Person Mentoring:

One-on-one/couples: 2 hours € 400

Private workshop (max 8 students): 4 hours €800


Kink Intensive Skill Share (KISS) Lab

-Experiential hands-on private workshop

Some BDSM activities are very intimate and not appropriate in a large group setting. 

Are you curious about electro-play, genital tease & torture, strap-on play, golden showers? Maybe… but in a group with 20 strangers? Maybe not… Large kink workshops with many participants can be overwhelming and somewhat impersonal, especially when we are dealing with intimate subjects within kink & BDSM.
But what if you gather 3-4 of your close friends or invite another couple for a double date to explore & play with your kink interests while mentored by a professional dominant? That’s a much more comfortable way for exploring our edge. The KISS Lab was created to provide a smaller, more private environment where you can learn new kink skills with a coaching program tailored to your needs and desires. KISS labs are available for 2-8 people and are curated to suit your kink interests. 

Couple’s Coaching Lab (2 people, 2h): € 330
Private LAB (3-8 people, 3-4 hours): € 660
(Venue cost, if required € 100-200) 

Leading Ladies - A special KISS Lab, for women only.

In spite of the current gender equality movement, in the bedroom, many heterosexual couples still follow traditional gender roles. While the Male Dominant-female submissive dynamic can flourish in beautiful ways, there is no shame in swapping roles, even if only once in a while. But the world does not provide enough role models for women (and men) to explore the Femme Dom- male sub dynamic. Many of the sexual scripts we see portrayed in movies, books and in porn are harsh, uncaring, unrealistic, and often only catering to men’s fantasies of being dominated. Being female and dominant doesn’t always equal being an evil bitch in a latex catsuit and thigh high boots! We also don’t need to follow dominant male archetypes to take lead in the bedroom. Domination is really a game of leadership, so you can bring your own personality and style into the game. Leading Ladies is a KISS Lab created especially for women wishing to explore their dominant side. In this lab, Ms Mercury will share practical kink skills to dominate your partner in strict, sensual and playful ways as well as guide you to find your main Domina archetypes. She will teach you easy tips and tricks to keep you on top of the game. Leading Ladies is available for cys or trans women of all sexual orientations and is a unique and bold option for hen’s nights, conference entertainment and other events. 

Leading Ladies LAB (3-8 people, 3-4 hours): € 660