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50 Shades... Less Shady, More Juicy!


Since the explosion of the novel “50 Shades of Grey”, curiosity about BDSM and fetish have sky-rocketed. But jumping into kink can be scary, specially with the media’s sensationalist focus on emergency room stories of “kink gone wrong”. What if you had the opportunity to ask a BDSM expert how you could get started? What questions would you ask them? 

In this informal Q & A discussion, Ms. Kalyss Mercury will respond to any and all questions you may have about domination, fetish, and all things kinky. Some of the questions covered in previous presentations include: 

  • What are the most common fetishes? What’s in it for me?
  • Why do people like pain? 
  • What happens in a domination session?
  • How do I stay safe while playing with kink?
  • I have no experience with kink. How do I find out what I like?
  • Can you play with kink within a loving relationship?
  • How do I know if I have a dominant or submissive side?
  • How can I use domination to bring passion back to my relationship?
  • My partner wants to try kink, but I feel awkward. Can anyone learn how to dominate?
The presentation will be composed of a 5 minute BDSM demonstration, a short introductory discussion about fetishes, dominance and submission, followed by answering of questions. In order to maintain discretion, note cards will be passed at the beginning of the presentation, so you can write down your questions anonymously. During the panel, you will also be able to ask extra questions. The audience is encouraged to participate!  

The format for the Q&A panel depends on verbal audience participation. Although most of the questions will be compiled at the beginning of the presentation, the facilitator will encourage the audience to ask questions live. In previous presentations, there were always more questions than there was time. 

Type of Event: BDSM Demonstration, Questions & Answers Discussion

Duration: 45 minutes

Numbers: one leader, one assistant, maximum 100 participants.

Level: Beginner – advanced

The Kink LAB

Domination and submission is an energy exchange, a power exchange, a dance where power is the rhythm. In many partner dances, like tango or salsa, one partner surrenders, while the other leads. And as with any dance, ease and grace comes from learning the foundations, the structure and the styles. In this play lab (no need to “work” or “shop”), you will learn the basic guiding principles within BDSM, the skills and the attitude behind the play. From these building blocks, you will be able to continue your exploration, expanding your knowledge at your own pace and find your unique style. Couples or singles are welcome. Single participants will be paired up and take turns in dominating and surrendering. This is a laboratory of touch, where we will explore body sensations and sensuality with an open mind. Kink is not “FORE-play”, it is simply PLAY. It CAN but does not HAVE to lead to erotic arousal. You are invited to go only as far as it is comfortable for you.

After an introduction about safety, how to set up a scene, and how to use  kinky toys safely, participants will be guided within sensation play, spanking and light impact play (flogging) exercises. They will also have the opportunity to share their experience in small groups and to ask practical questions about BDSM and kink.

Type of Event: BDSM play lab

Duration: 1.5-3 hours

Numbers: one leader, 1-3 assistants, maximum 30 participants.

Level: Beginner – Intermediate

Among the topics to be covered are:

Safety Parameters

Negotiations & establishing boundaries

Dom and sub archetypes; Role plays

Fetishes & Kinky games (The BDSM “Menu”)

Body awareness & Presence

Basic Spanking techniques

Aftercare; the closure of play

What to bring & wear:

Bottle of water
If you have a kinky toy, but still unsure how to use it, bring it!
Any questions you may have about BDSM & fetish.
Wear clothes in which you feel comfortable, confident and sensual. This is not a dress code. It’s to inspire your mindset for the class.
Swimwear or sexy underpants*

(*As this is an introductory class, nudity will not be permitted. However, for the spanking lesson, stripping down to underpants is encouraged in order for better skin contact. You may bring swimwear if that feels more comfortable for you.)


Core Benefits: 

The range of play: from kink sprinkles to 24-7 relationships. 

The anatomy of kink scene: How to establish a fetish container.  

The Negotiation Lists, setting up a framework for safe play. 

Playing with sensations & intensity: Reframing our view of “pain”.

Introduction to kinky toys and how to use them safely

Toy shopping guide (quality, price, what to look for).

Neuroscience of Kink


We live in a paradoxical world where pain management funds an industry of at least $36.1 billion (Elder, 2017) side by side with the culture of BDSM which thrives and celebrates, among other taboo activities, the use of pain within sexual contexts. Why would people want to use painful activities as part of intimate relationships. Or more to the point, HOW can they mix the two with positive outcomes? This paradox was the primary inspiration for Ms. Mercury’s Masters degree research and dissertation on the therapeutic benefits of sadomasochism (S&M).

As a kink explorer from early adulthood, Ms. Mercury observed first-hand how kinky S&M play was not as painful as it seemed. In fact, many kinksters are more “pained” by the stigma around BDSM than by the crack of a whip. In the past, this stigma placed practitioners in diagnostic scenarios, which described our kinks as «perversions», something to be cured through psychotherapy. Despite the recent removal of BDSM from international psychiatric diagnostic manuals by the World Health Organisation, the cultural stigma remains. In many cases, this cultural judgment can still damage participants’ rights for child custody and job security. Researching the psychological and biological roots of BDSM, sheds light into the paradox of perversions and promotes a more accepting and respectful attitude towards diverse sexual & fetish interests.


In this lecture, Ms. Mercury will share some of the background research on pain mechanisms in the nervous system, some psycho-social theories for why people enjoy S&M, and her own results on the therapeutic benefits of S&M practice.

Type of Event: BDSM Lecture

Duration: 60-90 minutes

Numbers: one leader, one assistant, maximum 100 participants.

Level: Beginner – advanced

Pleasures of the Lash


In our fantasies, the stroke of the whip always feels perfect. In reality, most people are scared to submit to whips, crops or paddles and with reason! Without instruction, impact play can hurt, leave marks, and disturb sexy play. But that does not have to be the case. Whips can also be used to bring immense pleasure, if only you know how to use them! In this workshop, Ms. Mercury will explain the different types of impact toys, how to handle them safely and how to yield the best reactions from your partner. This is a beginner’s level workshop including a live demonstration and practical skill building. 

Type of Event: BDSM Demonstration, theory & practical workshop, Impact play (whips, crops, paddles)

Duration: 90 – 120 minutes

Numbers: one leader, 1-3 assistants, maximum 30 participants.

Level: Beginner



Once you’ve mastered the basic skills of flogging and whipping, it may be time to turn up he intensity, by using two floggers, one in each hand. Florentine flogging is a fun dance for the Top as controlling two floggers allows you double the impact on your willing victim. For the receiver, the rhythm of the whips, the speed of impact can bring about intense sensations. 


With some easy exercises you will learn the techniques on how to master a flogger with either hand, and with both simultaneously. You will also learn different flogging styles to mix and match, enhancing your kinky play skills repertoire.

Type of Event: BDSM Demonstration, theory & practical workshop, Impact play focused on floggers.

Duration: 45-60 mins

Numbers: one leader, one assistant, maximum 20 participants.

Level: Intermediate

Past events

Erotic Edge Emergence banner

The Erotic Edge is proud to present ... Emergence.

The Erotic Edge is proud to present: Emergence.
Join us On the 31st of January 2020 as we embark on a deep and intimate journey of dominance and surrender.

Over a full weekend we present the world leaders in tantric domination, romantic BDSM and therapeutic conscious kink.

We begin by bringing a new level of awareness to our basest desires, our primal instincts.

We do this by taking you through some powerful transmissions from experienced dom/dommes and other players in the field.
The weekend is packed with embodiment activities, demonstrations, performances, workshops, connection and boundaries practices and an epic play party on the Saturday night.

With wild innocence, we investigate the parts of ourselves that tend to be forgotten about or hidden. When we lift the veil of shame we discover the bliss of ultimate acceptance, from ourselves and each other.

It is from this space of curiosity, acceptance, vulnerability and trust that we invite the realms of shadow tantra, of intensity, of heart based BDSM.

We have invited the leaders in these fields to share with us a powerful transmission of how to work from these spaces, how to create scenes and how to hold space for what can arise in them.

Here is a brief introduction to some of the inspiring teachers that will be guiding this journey.

Our Presenters: 

Kalyss Mercury has been a professional dominatrix for 20 years, and has now been incorporating her tantric teachings into her work.
A Princeton psychology graduate, Ms Mercury recently completed her masters research in the neuroscience of kink. 
She continually expands her knowledge and skills within the areas of BDSM, Tantra and human sexuality so she may share her findings with others.

Master Arcane’s Romantic Style of Domination & Submission represents a unique school of BDSM that focuses intensely on the loving connection two people can share in the world of fetish and kink. The Crow Academy philosophies and techniques have been cultivated and tested over decades of personal experience,

Miss Penelope Dreadful – a professional pervert of international repute – is a delightful deviant who has over 10 years of professional perversion under her belt.
Miss Penelope has toured Australia and the world extensively, presenting classes on Predicament Play, Communication, Spanking and Catharsis.

Priestess Desire has worked as a Professional Dominatrix for many years and brings her wealth of experience in Shibari (Japanese rope bondage)and other forms of exciting exploration to our weekend.

This will be an intimate journey unlike anything you have seen before. 
We want to make it as accesible as possible whle still maintaining the costs of such high quality presenters so we are making payment plans an option.
Please contact us for more information or any other questions.