I attended the Kink Lab (Oslo Edition, 2019), and I wanted to say thank you so much for creating such a beautiful and safe space to learn and practice. I’m left with lots of new knowledge and the curiosity to learn and explore more.

– “Moxie” 

I have been a long time submissive of Mistress Kalyss Mercury. I first met Her so many years ago in a BDSM club where She took me on the most amazing ride that my body and soul had ever experienced. From that moment on and through many challenging years She has guided and instructed me from my cocky beginnings as a young wanna-be sub and shown me perspectives and ideas that I had never even considered. I have so very much to thank Her for – as Her teachings have been far reaching from the mundane household subservient chores to the most far flung reaches of my psyche, such as bucking societal conditioning and my well-armoured emotional self. She has dramatically improved my growth into a man and as well as a proud submissive kneeling beside Her! She is often in transition Herself as She integrates the latest flux of information and training techniques into Her repertoire. As She has left Australia and me behind Her, I am always in touch to see when She will be returning and be booking a session to track my progress in this life and help me on my journey. I patiently await Her return!

– Tall_Darryl

I had been involved in kink related activities for many years when i met MKM in 2016 and could not be happier with the mentoring i have received during that time. Not only is she a respected and enthusiastic member of the kink community, she holds an undergraduate degree is psychology and her post graduate dissertation was also kink related. She has not tried to fit me into a box but, by listening to and understanding my specific situation, she has created strategies fitting my talents and desires aimed at my improvement. She has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, experience new things and to learn and grow. i value her feedback which has not always been what i wanted to hear but invariably just what was needed and always delivered with respect.

– Graham Falk

I meet Kalyss online over a year ago, when I started my journey learning about BDSM and developing my role as Domme. I found her videos and she instantly became my role model. I been lucky to meet a large number of dom/domme, helping me on my learning and increasing my knowledge. I had a few video coaching sessions with Kalyss and texting. Her knowledge is amazing, the energy she poses I can’t describe, she give me the best advice, she call me her apprentice and that is privilege. Real life been very busy lately, following her online she always give the motivation to keep learning and be my best, she is a huge influence on what type of Domme I want to be.

-Apprentice Lady X